This is of particular importance with momentum stocks

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Replica Hermes SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBut Brian Harriman told a committee of MLAs that the Crown corporation would still like to sell the product, which the federal government plans to legalize.”Marijuana won’t be in the current, existing NB Liquor stores, but one potential model that’s out there would be for NBL to operate dispensaries separately from our alcohol stores,” he said.’There is a public health benefit to keeping them separate.’ Brian Harriman, NB Liquor CEOHe said he and other New Brunswick members of a federal provincial working group agree there is “a public benefit and a public safety benefit to not co locating alcohol where possible with marijuana.””Though in some instances people might choose to use those substances together, there is a public health benefit to keeping them separate.”A federal task force made the same recommendation in December. The working group Harriman was part of, which also included public health and public safety officials, worked with the task force.3 options for governmentHarriman said the provincial working group members will present three options to the Gallant government in the coming weeks: NB Liquor running separate dispensaries, the private sector running them, or a mixed public private model.NB Liquor says it doesn’t want to sell legal marijuana in its corporate stores but is looking at the possibility of making a pitch to do so through separate dispensaries. (CBC News)Selling marijuana in existing liquor stores won’t be a recommendation, he said.Once the province picks an option, NB Liquor will make a more formal, detailed recommendation.Harriman said the priority in retailing legal marijuana is protecting public safety, as well as shrinking the profits of organized crime sales by making sure the product is “cost competitive” with the black market Replica Hermes.